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Do you want to buy a car or a truck for the vehicle-addicted little man or men in your life? Are you tired of the Tonkas and the McQueens and the Taters? Here are two cool brands that will not only be a hit with the kids but will also appeal to you as a fashionable or eco-friendly ‘green’ adult. You’ll feel good when you buy and gift these little guys, and you’ll know you’re giving something unusual that’s not likely to be duplicated in your giftee’s holiday gift stash.
Automoblox Mini 3-Packs: At the moment I’m totally digging the simple, modern lines of these cars. They are made of beechwood with removable parts (such as wheels and windows) in beautiful colors. The parts can be interchanged and combined in every possible way, making the 3 cars capable of turning into many more cars! Plus the main body of the car itself can be easily taken apart and re-combined in dozens of ways using a unique connector system, by the youngest auto fans.

They are super-stylish, super-fun and super-affordable at less than 25$ for the 3 -pack on Amazon. The cars are also available as singles, and for bigger fun, they have non-mini ‘full size’ models too.

Green Toys Dump Truck: For the green-minded environmentalists out there, or anyone looking for a light, durable, safe sump truck that’ll do as well at home as in the sandbox, the Green Toys Dump Truck is a winner.

Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic milk containers, this award-winning, eco-designed toy truck has no metal axles and a workable dumper. What more do you need? If your little giftee has one dump truck too many, Green Toys also has a firetruck, a school bus, race cars and more.


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Our household is now officially ‘plastic-bag free’. I am re-using or have recycled all the bags that I’ve collected since we moved into this apartment (over a year ago) and it’s been weeks since I haven’t brought any new bags into the house. I feel good. Here is how I achieved this:

  1. I ALWAYS bring my own re-usable grocery bags when I go grocery shopping. An easy way to do this is keep a bunch of these bags in your car, so you don’t have to remember to bring them every time you go to the store. You DO have to take the empty ones back to the car, but if you have several, chances are that there will always be at least a couple sitting in the car. So even if you remember to take the empty ones back to the car every third trip or so, you’re  good to go. Almost all grocery stores (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway) these days sell these bags but if you’re looking for some stylish and unique options, check out Envirosax. Apart from individual bags, they have 5-in-1 pouches- each pouch contains 5 bags and is small enough to fit in your glove compartment. So easy to implement my ‘keep several in the car’ tip!
  2. I also ALWAYS carry a bunch of plastic bags along with my re-usable bags for produce, and I use these over and over again. Whole Foods now has little paper bags for produce too which also you can re-use many times. But even if you’re not a Whole Foods -kinda gal, bringing your own produce bags reduces plastic volume dramatically.
  3. I also carry my re-usable grocery bags when I go to a place like Target. Remember, grocery stores are not the only culprits.
  4. When I go to the mall, I often carry a nice-ish paper bag that can be easily folded into my hand bag when empty, and that I use for all of my purchases.  This way I avoid ending up with giant paper bags for itty-bitty things like one tee, one bar of soap, one belt…you get the idea. Of course, this strategy does not work for hard-core, marathon shopping sessions, but those are rarer than your typical  mall visit, right?
  5. Finally, for all other impromptu, rushed shopping trips, I always keep one of those fold-able little bags in my handbag. I’m talking about the ones that fold into tiny pouches and can be neatly tucked into one of your hand-bag’s inner pockets. They are perfect for all the trips in between. Try Baggu Bags or  for LOADS of  hip options.

So these are my tips for ridding your life of plastic bags. Go get yourself a bunch of re-usable bags- you’ll be making a HUGE difference.

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